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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fear the Walking Dead: "100" Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

The Walking Dead-verse has gotten a lot of meaty mileage out of solo-treks. Offshoot side adventures that follow one character (or a spare few, in some cases) that act as their own mini introspective journey through the wasteland.

Granted, they can be hit or miss, run hot or cold, depending on just how formed and defined the character we're following is. Fortunately, in the case of "100" (the amount of people our central figure had killed by the end of the episode), Daniel's "what I've been doing since I almost died last year" side quest was one of the best chapters the show's done so far.

"100" managed to nicely acknowledge-while-also-breezing-past Daniel's brief bout with insanity (that didn't play too well at the time) as it refocused the story on his past sins as a evil member of the Sombra Negra death squad in El Salvador. A notorious member, in fact, as Dante actually knew him by name after Daniel started a fight with one of his henchman.

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