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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Fear the Walking Dead Midseason Finale Review

Warning: Full spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead's double-episode midseason finale below.

Fear the Walking Dead admirably closed out the first half of its third season with a two-part conclusion to Walker's deadly conflict with the Ottos. Not only did this part of the story bring Ofelia back into the mix in an important way, but it also explored the nature of what it's like to inadvertently find yourself, basically, on the wrong side of blood feud in the midst of a zompocalypse.

Because that's what Madison's had to contend with. Not only has she had to shoulder the burden of Troy and his wicked ways, but she also now discovered that the entire Broke Jaw Ranch situation was about to crumble because of its founders' past sins against the local Native American tribe.

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